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After the record for the world’s fastest BMW sedan, G-POWER did it again and broke the long-standing record for the overall fastest sedan in the world. 2010 the 800 hp strong G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RR realised a new top speed of 231 mph (372 km/h). Nobody is faster. Worldwide!

The foundation for this record is the know-how of more than 25 years of G-POWER. A true success story that began in the early 1980ies with the legendary G-POWER G3 Bi- Turbo with its 430hp based on the BMW 3 Series E30 and has now been crowned with the world record of the G-POWER M5 V10 HURRICANE RR.

With this performance G-POWER not only gained the prestigious title of a “World Champion”, but it underlines the outstanding quality of the G-POWER product line. Starting with the legendary G-POWER DEEPTONE exhaust system, followed by the G-POWER aerodynamic program and the G-POWER alloy wheels “SILVERSTONE”, up to various stages of performance upgrades. 
At G-POWER you get all the parts you need to make your automobile dream come true. From one partner. The world champion.

Supercharger Systems
Alloy Wheels "SILVERSTONE"
Complete Wheel Sets
Assembly System for “SILVERSTONE” Wheel
Exhaust Systems

G-POWER Assembly System for “SILVERSTONE” Wheel
Flexibility with system
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Assembly System:
062.039.025G-POWER light metal wheel mounting kit GP18/1 incl. screws - per axle

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062.039.030G-POWER light metal wheel mounting kit GP22/1 incl. screws - per axle

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062.039.035G-POWER light metal wheel mounting kit GP25/1 incl. screws - per axle

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