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Following the BMW M5 with V10-engine the BMW M3 with V8-engine is now history as well - G-POWER pushes the output from the strongest and most exclusive version of the S65 V8 high-revving engine of the BMW M3 CRT and M3 GTS to 650 hp with its supercharger

As a farewell to the legendary BMW S65 engines G-POWER has taken care of its strongest and most exclusive stage, namely the 4.4l version installed in the only 150 times build BMW M3 GTS respectively the even rarer four-door version the M3 CRT that has only been delivered 67 times. G-POWER is the only BMW tuner in the world offering a powe

Donnerstag, 03. Juli ´14   [more]

BMW 318ci E46 with S65 V8 engine from „BMWego“ racing team wins 1. Place at the D1 Sport Drift Championship in Alytus in Lithuania

The Lithuanian “BMWego” racing team from Andrius Vasiliauskas has participated at the D1 Sport Drift Championship run in Alytus with a BMW 318ci E46 with M3 V8 S65 engine and a G-POWER SK II supercharger system and has won first place against 27 competitors.  This is the second race that Vasiliauskas has already won in this year, and

Freitag, 06. Juni ´14   [more]

Finally more Power and Torque for every BMW M3 V8 driver – G-POWER presents revolutionary supercharge system

With 420 hp the S65 V8 high-revving engine from the BMW M3 E9X is everything but underpowered. But which BMW M3 driver would turn down a little “extra” in performance, torque and revving vivacity?

Quite a lot, keeping in mind the sheer number of BMW M3 drivers still driven their BMW M3 in stock condition! For the fu

Mittwoch, 21. Mai ´14   [more]