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Turbulent times! G-POWER X6 M TYPHOON

Traditionally, nothing is left half-done with G-Power. And even if the main preoccupation in Aresing, is the BMW’s X6 model that is already pretty impressive from the onset, the concept of “half-done” is definitely never on the agenda! After the “small” body kit “Typhoon S”, G-Power is therefore also now presenting its full-grown brother

Mittwoch, 19. März ´14   [more]

G-POWER is celebrating 30 years of „first class performance“ – new “RR” version for the BMW M5/M6 Bi-Kompressor system with 820 hp – the fastest station wagon in the world based on a BMW M5 E61 Touring is provided by G-POWER again

It is not the first time that G-POWER is improving its own record. Already in 2010 a G-POWER M5 HURRICANE (sedan) improved its record of 367,4 km/h for the world’s fastest sedan, established two years before, to 372,1 km/h.

Currently the modified Bi-Kompressor system for the BMW M5/M6 E6X series – featuring the lege

Freitag, 07. Februar ´14   [more]

G-POWER breaks own record for fastest BMW M3 V8 with a top speed of 337,6 km/h and presents a “HURRICANE 337 Edition” called special edition of the G-POWER M3 V8 supercharger system limited to 30 systems to honor the world record

The high-speed test track in Nardo in southern Italy is the ultimate challenge for all vehicle manufacturers. High temperatures and the fastest automobile race track in the world that knows only one load condition: full throttle. The 12.3 km-long route is basically a circle with a diameter of 4 km and an elevated roadway that is reminisce

Freitag, 24. Januar ´14   [more]