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Following the BMW M5 with V10-engine the BMW M3 with V8-engine is now history as well - G-POWER pushes the output from the strongest and most exclusive version of the S65 V8 high-revving engine of the BMW M3 CRT and M3 GTS to 650 hp with its supercharger

As a farewell to the legendary BMW S65 engines G-POWER has taken care of its strongest and most exclusive stage, namely the 4.4l version installed in the only 150 times build BMW M3 GTS respectively the even rarer four-door version the

Donnerstag, 03. Juli ´14   [more]

BMW 318ci E46 with S65 V8 engine from „BMWego“ racing team wins 1. Place at the D1 Sport Drift Championship in Alytus in Lithuania

The Lithuanian “BMWego” racing team from Andrius Vasiliauskas has participated at the D1 Sport Drift Championship run in Alytus with a BMW 318ci E46 with M3 V8 S65 engine and a G-POWER SK II supercharger system and has won first place

Freitag, 06. Juni ´14   [more]

Finally more Power and Torque for every BMW M3 V8 driver – G-POWER presents revolutionary supercharge system

With 420 hp the S65 V8 high-revving engine from the BMW M3 E9X is everything but underpowered. But which BMW M3 driver would turn down a little “extra” in performance, torque and revving vivacity?

Quite a lot, ke

Mittwoch, 21. Mai ´14   [more]

Experience the 720 hp strong G-POWER M3 GT2 R from May 1st - May 4th live at the "Tuning World Bodensee" exhibition

The Tuning World Bodensee is a must-attend for every BMW enthusiast who is into customizing. It goes without saying that there will be a G-POWER highlight, as well. Thus G-POWER presents, in cooperation with the car magazine “AUTO BILD

Mittwoch, 30. April ´14   [more]

BMW M3 with 4.0l V8 S65 engine and G-POWER supercharger system wins second place in its class at the "Spezial-Tourenwagen-Trophy H&R Cup" at the Hockenheimring

Technology transfer against the traditional direction – this time it is from the street to the race track. All ready in its second year the GETRAG racing team around Michael Bäder is relying on the 100-times street-proven technology of

Donnerstag, 17. April ´14   [more]

Turbulent times! G-POWER X6 M TYPHOON

Traditionally, nothing is left half-done with G-Power. And even if the main preoccupation in Aresing, is the BMW’s X6 model that is already pretty impressive from the onset, the concept of “half-done” is definitely never on the agenda!

Mittwoch, 19. März ´14   [more]

G-POWER is celebrating 30 years of „first class performance“ – new “RR” version for the BMW M5/M6 Bi-Kompressor system with 820 hp – the fastest station wagon in the world based on a BMW M5 E61 Touring is provided by G-POWER again

It is not the first time that G-POWER is improving its own record. Already in 2010 a G-POWER M5 HURRICANE (sedan) improved its record of 367,4 km/h for the world’s fastest sedan, established two years before, to 372,1 km/h.


Freitag, 07. Februar ´14   [more]

G-POWER breaks own record for fastest BMW M3 V8 with a top speed of 337,6 km/h and presents a “HURRICANE 337 Edition” called special edition of the G-POWER M3 V8 supercharger system limited to 30 systems to honor the world record

The high-speed test track in Nardo in southern Italy is the ultimate challenge for all vehicle manufacturers. High temperatures and the fastest automobile race track in the world that knows only one load condition: full throttle. The 1

Freitag, 24. Januar ´14   [more]

G-POWER on TV: The G-POWER M3 GT2 R can be seen in „ Auftrag Auto “ on November 28th 2013 at 22:30 on SPORT1

Most people still know Alex Wesselsky for being “THE Checker”. Since the beginning of 2013 he has found a new home at the TV channel “SPORT1”. Together with the Swiss racing driver Cyndie Allemann he is presenting the show „Auftrag Aut

Mittwoch, 27. November ´13   [more]

G-POWER presents the first “HURRICANE” of the BMW 3 series - the 720 hp strong M3 HURRICANE RS is the climax of the BMW M3 series with the legendary V8 high-rev engine

The combination of the terms „HURRICANE” and „G-POWER“ is not just lightening up the eyes and accelerating the heartbeat of the devoted G-POWER fans but also of every BMW loving automobile enthusiast, as well. And that’s no wonder since it is the pro

Dienstag, 05. November ´13   [more]

G-POWE R M6 Gran Coupé – 710 hp + Mathias Malmedie = extrem Drifting

All Fans of the combination G-POWER and „GRIP das Motormagazin“ have a fixed date on Sunday October 20th at 6 pm. Than RTL II is broadcasting the TV feature in which Matthias Malmedie is again pushing a G-POWER car to the limit.

Donnerstag, 17. Oktober ´13   [more]

G-POWER is revolutionizing the classic tuning for high revving naturally aspired engines

With the experience of 30 years of „first class performance“ G-POWER is introducing a supercharger system for the BMW M3 V8 that takes away the raison d'être of the classic tuning like camshafts, racing headers, chip tuning and co</fon

Dienstag, 24. September ´13   [more]

One of the world’s strongest and fastest BMW M6 is made by G-POWER: Modifications to the electronic control unite in combination with a high-flow exhaust system made from Titanium are pushing the power output of the G-POWER M6 to 710 hp and 890 Nm

The BMW M6 is already a powerful sports coupé when it is delivered from the factory, thus a large portion of its potential stays unrevealed. G-POWER is using this hidden potential for a power output enhancement of awesome 150 hp and 21

Freitag, 09. August ´13   [more]

The G-POWER M3 GT2 R is probably the hottest road-legal BMW M3 in the world. It combines 720 supercharged horsepower with a kerb weight of less than 1.500 kg, all wrapped up in an awesome body kit featuring the current GT2 R design.

The G-POWER M3 GT2 R is a true Clubsport version of the BMW M3 that distinguishes itself by a serious increase in power output and a significant weight reduction, but also with a modified aerodynamic that provides for a maximum of down

Montag, 22. Juli ´13   [more]

Success in a row: The G-POWER M5 wins for the second time the sport auto- Award – the readers choice of the magazine “sport auto”

In the 33rd edition of the sport auto- Award the 725 hp strong G-POWER M5 has won first place in its category “Sedans over 80.000 Euro” with huge distance to its competitors. The second place in the category “Coupés over 80.000 Euro” h

Freitag, 14. Juni ´13   [more]

The strongest BMW M3 GTS is now even stronger and more efficient – improved G-POWER GTS SK II GTS „Sporty Drive“ TU supercharger system with now 650 hp

Similar to the BMW AG G-POWER, the number one in supercharging, has performed a complex program for the G-POWER M3 supercharger systems to increase its efficiency. The result shows the long-standing experience and the technical experti

Montag, 03. Juni ´13   [more]

G-POWER cracks the 100.000 fans barrier on Facebook

G-POWER does not only create technical highlights, like the 830 hp strong M5 HURRICANE RRs or the 600 hp strong BMW 1 M Coupé with 4.0l V8 engine, but is very successful as brand, too.
The G-POWER site on Facebook has just cracked th

Dienstag, 26. März ´13   [more]

Fast, Faster, G-POWER: 640 hp and a top speed of 315 km/h for the BMW M6 – G-POWER is activating the sporty genes of the BMW luxury coupé

The BMW M6 is already fast when it comes from the factory. Now G-POWER makes it even faster. The G-POWER Bi-Tronik III pushes the factory 560 hp/ 680 Nm to 640 hp/ 777 Nm. 21 inch G-POWER “SILVERSTONE RS” alloy wheels with MICHELIN Pil

Montag, 11. März ´13   [more]

G-POWER wins first place in the user poll „Tuning Sports Car of the Year 2012“ from evocars

In the annual online voting of the multimedia platform evocars the majority of the participants voted with 28% for the G1 V8 HURRICANE RS 

Freitag, 01. März ´13   [more]

One of the fastest automobile interiors in the world – G-POWER M6 with individual interior design from the G-POWER Manufactory

Since G-POWER has already created the world`s fastest sedan (M5 HURRICANE RR), the world’s fastest LPG-powered car (M5 HURRICANE GS), the world’s fastest estate car (M5 HURRICANE RS Touring), the world’s fastest 4-seated Coupé (M6 HURR

Dienstag, 08. Januar ´13   [more]

Racing: G-POWER supercharger technology competing in the Spezial-Tourenwagen-Trophy (STT) and the DMV Touring Car Championship (DMV TCC)

Supported by the G-POWER Motorsport Division a BMW M3 E46 with 4.0l V8 engine is competing against potent race cars like a Porsche GT3 RS, Corvette GT3, Dodge Viper GTS-R and the SLS AMG GT3.

In order to achieve

Freitag, 02. November ´12   [more]

G-POWER is building the BMW 1 M Coupé the way it should have come from the factory in the first place - 600 hp and 330 km/h - the world’s fastest BMW 1 M Coupé comes – once again – from G-POWER

G-POWER is building the BMW 1 M Coupé the way it should have come from the factory in the first place

600 hp and 330 km/h are the key figures of the G1 V8 HURRICANE RS with a supercharged M3 V8 engine and so the

Dienstag, 25. September ´12   [more]

G-POWER 1M Coupé with 435 hp: After the power output enhancement by G-POWER the BMW 1M Coupé is now at eye-level with its big brother the BMW M3

It is not just the „M“ in the name of the BMW 1M Coupé that identifies it as a member of the “M-Family” it is the design, as well. The BMW 1M Coupé is closely related to its bigger brother the BMW M3 with which it shares the same front and real axles

Freitag, 17. August ´12   [more]

Charity Event from “wünschdirwas .eV.” (“Make a Wish foundation”), Mathias Malmedie from “GRIP – Das Motormagazin” and G-POWER

We had the chance to be part of the charity event from “wünschdirwas .eV.” (“Make a Wish foundation”), which fulfils the wishes of sick children, and Matthias Malmedie from the TV show „GRIP - Das Motormagazin“. Matthias paid Marcel a

Mittwoch, 04. Juli ´12   [more]

The G-POWER M5 wins 1. place at the sport auto- Award 2012 – two 2. places round up the excellent result for G-POWER

With one 1. place and two 2. places the participants of the sport auto- Award 2012 brought G-POWER  three excellent results. This would not have been possible without the support of our customers and fans, for which we would like

Freitag, 15. Juni ´12   [more]

G-POWER delivers a M5 HURRICANE for the 100th time – the M5 HURRICANE RRs with 830 hp – the most powerful version in the world

After the G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RR with twin-supercharger engine and 800 hp/588 kW has set a new High-Speed record with 372 km/h in 2010, improving the old G-POWER record from 2008, the demand for this power sedan with supercharged V10

Mittwoch, 16. Mai ´12   [more]

G-POWER M3 E46 with 450 hp – Now the “old M3” is quicker than the “new M3”

450 hp for the BMW M3 E46, that’s quiet impressive. The G-POWER SK I „SPORTY DRIVE“ supercharger system provides the 3.2 l straight cylinder engine from the BMW M GmbH with the necessary boost to push the output from standard 343 hp/36

Montag, 23. April ´12   [more]

BMW M5 F10: Just arrived at the show room – and already customized - G-POWER isn’t just fast when it comes to HIGH-SPEED world records!

The all new BMW M5 is already fast when it comes from the factory. Now G-POWER makes it even faster. The G-POWER Bi-Tronik III pushes the factory 560 hp/ 680 Nm to 640 hp/ 777 Nm. 21 inch G-POWER “SILVERSTONE RS” and 20 inch “SILVERSTO

Freitag, 17. Februar ´12   [more]

G-POWER wins first place in the „Tuner of the Year 2011“ poll from GTspirit

In the annual online voting of the multimedia platform GTspirit the majority of the participants voted for G-POWER in the category  “Tuner of the year 2011”, while in the category “Tuning Car of the year 2011

Freitag, 20. Januar ´12   [more]

The car magazine “Motorvision” has tested the G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS Touring. See the TV feature on Wednesday January 18th 2012 at 17:30 on Sky

On Wednesday viewers of the latest episode of “Motorvision” on Sky can experience a reunion with the fastest estate car in the world, the 750 hp strong G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS Touring capable of a top speed of more than 225 mph. &

Dienstag, 17. Januar ´12   [more]

It is here: The all new BMW M5 F10 has already arrived at G-POWER

History is repeating itself. Just like with the BMW M3 GTS one can observe that the first drive of the new BMW M5 F10 leads it directly to the G-POWER headquarters. Because the 53 additional horsepower for the new 4.4l V8 Bi-Turbo engi

Mittwoch, 07. Dezember ´11   [more]

One of the world’s fastest and strongest BMW X6 comes from G-POWER – the G-POWER X6 M TYPHOON with 725 hp and a top speed of more than 300 km/h

First there was the “small” TYPHOON body kit; now here comes the “big” TYPHOON wide body kit for the BMW X6 M. Thanks to optimised air flow and up to 15 % more cooling air, the G-POWER body kit clears the way for an increase in the bas

Mittwoch, 30. November ´11   [more]

Don’t miss it: G-POWER on TV, again next Sunday

After the feature about the G-POWER M6 HURRICANE RR from “GRIP das Motormagazin” has been aired last weekend on RTL II, it is coming thick and fast with another G-POWER feature coming up next weekend.

Already th

Freitag, 18. November ´11   [more]

G-POWER on TV: Sunday November 13th in „GRIP das Motormagazin“ at 19:00 on RTL II

This time the G-POWER M6 HURRICANE RR is challenging the sport equipment of the current European Champion of the European Race Truck Championship Jochen Hahn, being a MAN Race Truck that has an unrestricted output of more than 1300 hp.

Freitag, 11. November ´11   [more]

News from the G-POWER M6 HURRICANE RR…

The fascination for the black Power-Coupé, even one year after its first TV appearance, is still unbroken. So the crew of “GRIP das Automagazin” did it once again and produced a TV spot with the 800 hp strong M6 HURRICANE RR. The TV sp

Freitag, 04. November ´11   [more]

G-POWER M5 HURRICANE voted second at the „GRIP-Drift-Parade”

The classic layout of the BMW M5 being a front engine sedan with rear wheel drive makes it perfect for drifting. Of course the output enhancement from the G-POWER Bi-Kompressor supercharger system to 730 hp is providing its share

Donnerstag, 20. Oktober ´11   [more]

G-POWER on TV: “TURBO – Das Automagazin” can be seen on October 19th at 20:15 on SPORT1

Does the G-POWER M3 SK II keep what it is promising? – Sabine Schmitz has tested the 570 HP strong M3 in the TV show “TURBO – The Car Magazine” on “SPORT1”

Of course the max. output of 570 hp is beyond doubt, eve

Donnerstag, 13. Oktober ´11   [more]

The most powerful BMW M3 in the world: G-POWER M3 RS with 720hp Supercharged V8

After the 635hp-strong G-POWER M3 GTS caused a stir with the trade press and automobile enthusiasts, G-POWER unleashes another technical tour de force with its most recent creation – the G-POWER M3 RS with SK III „Sporty Drive“ Superch

Dienstag, 27. September ´11   [more]

G-POWER TYPHOON body kit now available for the current BMW X5 facelift models – G-POWER SK III “Sporty Drive” supercharger system pushes the output of the X5 xDrive48i to 525 hp

The G-POWER TYPHOON body kit is now available for all current BMW X5 facelift models and the 525 hp / 386 kW strong G-POWER SK III eight-cylinder supercharged engine propels the BMW X5 with 4.8l engine to a maximum speed of 275 km

Freitag, 19. August ´11   [more]

G-POWER M6 HURRICANE RR: 5 Million clicks at YouTube and winner of the vote for “best Tuning Car of all times” – G-POWER thanks all customers and fans of the brand for their support

Whether on TV or the internet, the success of the G-POWER M6 HURRICANE RR is unbroken and this is mainly based on your support. That is why we would like to thank you, our supporters.

Like the viewers of the TV s

Freitag, 15. Juli ´11   [more]

Spectacular result in the 2011 Nardo High-Speed Test of „auto motor and sport“: The 570-HP G-POWER M3 SK II reaches a top speed of 333.29 km/h (207.10 mph)

The high-speed test of "auto motor and sport" in Nardo in southern Italy is the ultimate challenge for all vehicle manufacturers. High temperatures and the fastest automobile race track in the world that knows only one load condition:

Freitag, 08. Juli ´11   [more]

The G-POWER M3 GT2 R wins second place at the „sport auto“ reader’s survey 2011

This result would not have been possible without your support, for which we would like to say: “Thank you”.

The reader’s survey of the “sport auto” magazine owns a long tradition. Already since 1980 this survey i

Freitag, 24. Juni ´11   [more]

G-POWER has visited the race track of the Salzburgring together with the M Club

The approx. 45 participants had a lot of fun at this year’s summer highlight, the “M Days Salzburgring”, organized by our partner the M Drivers Club. But it was not the weather that has been responsibly for the success of this event, s

Mittwoch, 29. Juni ´11   [more]

G-POWER M3 GTS and M3 E46 CSL on display in the segment „GRIP – Matthias antwortet Zuschauern“ on RTL II

Which is more fun? Front or Rear Wheel Drive? Can you actually still feel a difference between 300 and 500 hp? The team of German TV show “GRIP das Motormagazin” on RTL II around host Matthias Malmedie faces these and other questions a

Freitag, 17. Juni ´11   [more]

German car magazine „sport auto“ tests the 635 hp strong G-POWER M3 GTS

Editor Christian Gebhardt headlines the article “Our Charger” in the June edition of “sport auto” and begins his test report with a quick prayer. Already at the beginning of the report, it is certain the test crew had a lot of fun with

Freitag, 17. Juni ´11   [more]

The G-Power M3 GTS participates at the 2011 Gumball 3000 rally and is the first one to arrive in Paris

At the end of the first stage at this year’s Gumball 3000 rally, the 635 hp G-POWER M3 GTS of „GTS Team Croatia“ was first to reach Paris out of 120 contestants.

The Gumball 3000, Europe’s offshoot of the legenda

Freitag, 27. Mai ´11   [more]

The world’s most powerful BMW M3 GTS:

Club sport events are enjoying increasing popularity across the world. These events have traditionally been dominated by Porsche vehicles. Then, in 2009, BMW decided to stop ignoring widespread customer demands for a base vehicle for u

Donnerstag, 19. Mai ´11   [more]

The next BMW M3 GTS at G-POWER

The next BMW M3 GTS has just been delivered to G-POWER to be supercharged. By the way, already the 5th car out of 150 being built worldwide. No wonder, because even though the BMW M3 GTS has been modified in almost each parameter relev

Freitag, 13. Mai ´11   [more]

Attention new schedule: The next GRIP episode starring G-POWER

... is broadcasted on Sunday May 8th at 6 o clock; one hoe earlier than it used to be. This time the team from “Grip the Motor Magazine” is testing a G-POWER X5 M TYPHOON for its capability of being used as an “Escape Car”.


Freitag, 06. Mai ´11   [more]

The team from GRIP has just visited G-POWER (again)

Good news for all fans of the TV program “GRIP the Motor Magazine“ on RTL II. The GRIP team has just finished another shooting at G-POWER for this very popular TV format. This time starring: a 470 HP strong BMW M3 CSL featuring the G-P

Freitag, 29. April ´11   [more]