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At G-Power, the last naturally-aspirated six-cylinder M3 experiences the power treatment it deserves in order to make the best possible use of its motorsports backbone.

The G-Power SK I “Sporty Drive” supercharger system develops a power output of 450 bhp / 331 kW. However, not only the performance but also the efficiency of the M-power unit is significantly increased. G-Power’s 25 year experience in manufacturing high-performance cars serves as the basis for this performance treatment.

The G-Power product range therefore stretches throughout lightweight wheels, coilover suspensions and exhaust systems, which – perfectly adapted for the job in question – let a car arise that pays a tribute to the M motorsports affiliation.

Thereby G-Power provides the M3 E46 with a sportive presence that cannot be reached by the basic car. After the G-Power treatment, the M3 E46 finally allows its driver the ultimate driving experience.

G-POWER - first class performance

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G-POWER Supercharger Systems
Performance by tradition
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Supercharger System:
SK I "Sporty Drive"
110.M46.010HG-POWER supercharger system SK I "Sporty Drive"
Basis: M3 E46, 343 hp (252 kW) increased to 450 hp (330 kW)/ 460 Nm
consisting of:

Belt Drive:
ultra stiff CNC shaped supercharger bracket system made from cast aluminium including an extended support-aggregate belt drive for the supercharger´s drive;

Air Intake Manifold:
racing air filter;
flow optimized clean air intake with large diameters made from cast aluminium;

Forced Induction/Intercooling:
ASA T1 518 supercharger with centrifugal clutch ASA K07 (optional);
supercharger lubrication through bypass from motor oil circuit;
air/water recuperator with front mount intercooler;
engine inlet manifold made from cast aluminium;
pneumatic, load-dependent boost regulation
boost level approx. 5,8 psi rel.;

Engine Modification:
6 racing spark plugs with modified heat values.

Fuel Management/Electronics:
adaptation of the software of the standard electronic engine control unite (BMW OBD remains fully preserved), enabling an unlimited top speed according to the capacity of the tyres;
6 x fuel injectors with enlarged mass flow.

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Centrifugal Clutch for G-POWER Supercharger Systems
110.M46.037HOptinal centrifugal clutch K05+ for G-POWER supercharger systeme

The centrifugal clutch disengages the supercharger form the belt drive in idle. When the engine reaches 1.500 rpm the centrifugal clutch contacts automatically the supercharger to the belt drive. The advantages of the supercharger system with centrifugal clutch are:
- no additional noise emission in idle
- no unneeded operation of the supercharger
- better efficiency of the supercharger system and therefore a reduced fuel consumption.
Price is only valid in combination with the order of a G-POWER supercharger system.

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