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At G-Power, the last naturally-aspirated six-cylinder M3 experiences the power treatment it deserves in order to make the best possible use of its motorsports backbone.

The G-Power SK I “Sporty Drive” supercharger system develops a power output of 450 bhp / 331 kW. However, not only the performance but also the efficiency of the M-power unit is significantly increased. G-Power’s 25 year experience in manufacturing high-performance cars serves as the basis for this performance treatment.

The G-Power product range therefore stretches throughout lightweight wheels, coilover suspensions and exhaust systems, which – perfectly adapted for the job in question – let a car arise that pays a tribute to the M motorsports affiliation.

Thereby G-Power provides the M3 E46 with a sportive presence that cannot be reached by the basic car. After the G-Power treatment, the M3 E46 finally allows its driver the ultimate driving experience.

G-POWER - first class performance

Supercharger Systems
Bi-Tronik Performance Software
Alloy Wheels "SILVERSTONE"
Alloy Wheels "SILVERSTONE"
Complete Wheel Sets
Assembly System for “SILVERSTONE” Wheel
RS-Coilover Suspensions
Brake Systems
Exhaust Systems
Titanium-Exhaust Systems
Titanium-Exhaust Systems
Passenger Compartment

G-POWER Exhaust Systems
Always the right "DEEPTONE"
ProductNo.Descriptionclick Image
Exhaust Systems:
165.M46.075IG-POWER 4-trim full stainless-steel sport rear silencer - tailpipe H12
M3 3,2l (252 kW) - TÜV”- Version; street legal in Germany

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165.M46.100IG-POWER full stainless-steel sport centre silencer
M3 3,2l (252 kW) / Export

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166.M46.020IG-POWER HIGHLINE tailpipes H12 4x76mm straight chromium plated and punched G-POWER logo.

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