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G-POWER M3 E90 / E92 / E93

For 25 years, the BMW M3 has been the benchmark for sportive cars which can be sublimely driven both on race tracks as well as in everyday traffic. In both cases the M3 has always been state of the art and willingly proven its background in motorsports.

So why does G-Power set itself the task to improve the ultimate driving machine? Because we can, it’s as simple as that.

The G-Power offering begins where the emotion is created: the engine. Varying supercharger stages deliver a power output of up to 720 bhp, allowing the M3 to rise to supercar levels of performance without restricting every day usage. The engine’s efficiency is significantly increased: fuel consumption rises moderately while the power output is boosted by up to 300 bhp. At the same time, G-Power is the only manufacturer capable of being at eye level with the high-revving concept of the M motorsport company - steeply ascending power curve and spontaneous response - while combining the engine with the power surplus of a supercharger.

However, the increase in power needs to be matched by all other components in order to form a competitive overall package. Therefore, the G-Power product range for the M3 reaches from lightweight wheels, race-proven suspensions and braking systems through to aerodynamic solutions, which are able to make the high speed experience safe due to high downforce, precise handling and adequate deceleration forces.  

G-POWER - first class performance

Supercharger Systems
Bi-Tronik Performance Software
Aerodynamic Bonnet
Aerodynamic Programme "RS"
Aerodynamic Programme "GT2 S"
Assembly System for “SILVERSTONE” Wheel
RS-Coilover Suspensions
Brake Systems
Exhaust Systems
Titanium-Exhaust Systems
Passenger Compartment