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G-POWER M6 E63 / E64

At G-Power, the M6 forms the basis in order to bring world records onto the road. The high-revving V10 is a tribute to the to BMW’s F1 engine. With the G-Power treatment, this unique powerhouse gets the chance to unleash its full potential.

For the M6, G-Power offers all the components to turn it into a spine-tingling world record breaker. Also, G-Power is the only manufacturer to install a supercharger that is capable to be at eye level with the M philosophy of naturally aspirated, high-revving engines. At the same time, G-Power achieves performance figures capable of lifting the M6 to supercar levels.

Thereby, the modifications reach from varying expansion stages of the G-Power supercharger systems and in-house designed SILVERSTONE lightweight wheels through to exhaust systems with the legendary G-Power DEEPTONE soundtrack and race-proved coilover suspensions which are able to put the increase in power onto the road. In order to adapt the deceleration to the power surplus, G-Power has developed its own high-performance breaking system. In addition, the G-Power Highline aerodynamic solutions are not only improving looks, but more importantly they increase downforce and optimize air supply for the superchargers.

G-POWER - first class performance

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