Is it possible to use a G-POWER braking system only at the front axle?

Already with the installation of a G-POWER braking system only at the front axle, braking performance is significantly enhanced compared to stock. Among other factors, this is due to the dynamic axle weight transfer, which requires a higher braking performance from the front axle brakes. The highest braking performance, however, will be achieved by installing the G-POWER braking systems at both front and rear axle.

What is the benefit of a G-POWER ceramic braking system compared to the steel alternative?

First of all, the ceramic braking systems are more resistant to wear than their steel alternatives and at the same time more robust than the ceramic brakes from the vehicle manufacturer. The benefit that needs to be considered for the buying decision for a G-POWER ceramic brake system is also in the extremely low weight of the brake disk. With the G-POWER ceramic braking system, a weight reduction of the unsprung mass of up to 50% can be achieved. The result is a significantly improved handling and cornering ability.

How does the shipping process of the G-POWER products work?

When directly ordered from G-POWER, we organise the shipping by parcel service or forwarder after we have received the payment in our account.

How long are the delivery times for the G-POWER products?

The delivery time depends on the ordered product. In-stock products are ready for shipping within a couple of work days. For products that are individually produced for the customer, the delivery time itself is extended by the time needed for the production of the referring product.

Does G-POWER offer special package prices?

Of course. Please ask for an individual package price for your inquiry. The G-POWER package offers you the opportunity of having the ordered products installed directly at the G-POWER premises. This grants you the same high quality standard for the installation of our products that you know and appreciate from our products. Benefit from our more than 30 years of experience and our superior know-how concerning our products that we have engineered and produced.

Can I order the G-POWER products without an installation at the G-POWER premises?

Naturally, you can order the G-POWER products without the installation at the G-POWER premises, except for certain supercharger systems that have been marked accordingly.

Can I buy G-POWER Products from my BMW dealer?

Yes, basically you can buy and have the G-POWER products installed directly at your BMW dealer. However, it is important, especially when it comes to our supercharger systems, to have a professional and experienced partner at hand for these works. So, contact us and ask us for such an experienced partner close to your destination.

Do you have products in your product range that are not listed on the website?

No, products from earlier production years that are not listed on our website are not produced anymore and hence are no longer available.

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Phone: 0049 8252 909 86 0 - WhatsApp: 0049 160 36 10 60 1 - MO to FR 08:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.

Saturday PHONE ONLY: 10:00 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.