How does the electronic performance optimisation by G-POWER work?

In the course of the G-POWER electronic performance optimisation, a refinement of the unit engine control unit / ECU software will be performed. Depending on the ECU generation, this step will be undertaken by different access possibilities. The basis for the electronic performance optimisation is naturally the OEM stock data, which will be adapted individually to the relevant engine. In the process, the focus is on injection and ignition timing. In addition, e.g. boost pressure and boost build-up will be optimised as well.

Why does BMW not offer the achieved G-POWER performance from stock?

In general, the manufacturer is forced to accept several compromises in the construction of an engine as well as in the setup of the engine control unit in order to pay tribute to external factors. Arbitrary insurance categories, varying fuel qualities in international markets or lack of service quality need to be taken into consideration during the developing process by the manufacturer. Oftentimes, internal necessities of the manufacturing company influence the supplied performance range of a certain car type or model, e.g. in order to avoid internal conflicts with an upper model range. In reality, an engine’s performance might be electronically restricted in order to maintain a performance gap, thus justifying the price difference. Also, manufacturers might opt to reserve engine output which can be accessed by the electronics should the engine not achieve the intended performance due to production tolerances. In contrast to the OEM software, G-POWER offers an individual solution, which is perfectly tailored to the individual engine, thus uncovering the engine’s full performance potential.

Does the electronic software optimisation from G-POWER require a different fuel type than stock?

Naturally, after the optimisation of the ECU software by the G-POWER Bi-Tronik, the next-highest fuel quality should be used in order to develop the G-POWER Bi-Tronik’s full potential.

Will I have a higher fuel consumption after the electronic software optimisation by G-POWER?

After the electronic software optimisation by G-POWER, similar to how it would be in stock, it largely depends on the individual driving behaviour. A constant utilisation of the enhanced performance will certainly result in higher fuel consumption. However, less fuel consumption than stock is also possible if the car is being driven at moderate, constant speeds. In this case, the enhanced power and torque of the supercharged engine enable the driver to switch to a higher gear at lower engine speed in order to achieve the same speeds in daily driving.

How does the electronic software optimisation by G-POWER affect the engine’s longevity and durability?

The purpose of the G-POWER electronic software optimisation is to increase the car’s performance. If the additional power output is being utilized constantly, e.g. high-speed driving for extended time periods, an increased wear of the parts needs to be taken into consideration. At moderate driving behaviour like you would mostly face in everyday driving on public roads, wear and tear are negligible. During the development process of the G-POWER electronic software optimisation the focus is constantly set on the longevity and durability of the modified engine.

Is it necessary to upgrade the braking system after the electronic software optimisation by G-POWER?

The G-POWER performance increases are generally configured in such a way that a modification of the braking system is not deemed necessary as long as the performance increase is a street legal stage (in Germany). However, please note that an increase in top speed requires an approval of the tyre manufacturer. For all non-street legal and therefore race-developed G-POWER performance increases, G-POWER recommends an upgrade to the braking system.

How does the electronic software optimisation by G-POWER affect the vehicle’s service intervals?

In general, the service intervals remain the same as they were with the stock engine. Depending of the driving style G-POWER recommends an oil service very 10.000 km.

Is it possible to revert the G-POWER electronic performance optimisation?

Of course it is possible revert the G-POWER electronic performance optimisation. If the software has been modified directly in the original ECU, this only requires the customer to have an original software version uploaded to the ECU by a BMW dealership. In case there is an additional ECU installed for the G-POWER electronic software optimisation, the removal of the additional ECU is necessary.

How does the shipping process of the G-POWER products work?

When directly ordered from G-POWER, we organise the shipping by parcel service or forwarder after we have received the payment in our account.

How long are the delivery times for the G-POWER products?

The delivery time depends on the ordered product. In-stock products are ready for shipping within a couple of work days. For products that are individually produced for the customer, the delivery time itself is extended by the time needed for the production of the referring product.

Does G-POWER offer special package prices?

Of course. Please ask for an individual package price for your inquiry. The G-POWER package offers you the opportunity of having the ordered products installed directly at the G-POWER premises. This grants you the same high quality standard for the installation of our products that you know and appreciate from our products. Benefit from our more than 30 years of experience and our superior know-how concerning our products that we have engineered and produced.

Can I order the G-POWER products without an installation at the G-POWER premises?

Naturally, you can order the G-POWER products without the installation at the G-POWER premises, except for certain supercharger systems that have been marked accordingly.

Can I buy G-POWER Products from my BMW dealer?

Yes, basically you can buy and have the G-POWER products installed directly at your BMW dealer. However, it is important, especially when it comes to our supercharger systems, to have a professional and experienced partner at hand for these works. So, contact us and ask us for such an experienced partner close to your destination.

Do you have products in your product range that are not listed on the website?

No, products from earlier production years that are not listed on our website are not produced anymore and hence are no longer available.

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Phone: 0049 8252 909 86 0 - WhatsApp: 0049 160 36 10 60 1 - MO to FR 08:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.

Saturday PHONE ONLY: 10:00 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.