“Fratricide” at G-POWER: With 680 hp and 860 Nm, the G-POWER M2 Competition spells doom for the M4

G-POWER M2 Competition: >> VIDEO

With the evolution of the M2 to the M2 Competition (F87), BMW M GmbH has drastically reduced the prestige gap between this model and its big brother, the M4. Because now, even the “smallest” M is powered by the S55B30 twin-turbo engine used in the M4 (F82/83) and M3 (F80). This engine has only been curtailed slightly in the M2 Competition, with 410 hp as standard compared with the 431 hp of the M4/M3 (or 450 hp in the Competition variants). Nevertheless, in terms of the purchase price of a new car, adjusted for differences in equipment levels, there is more than €20,000 between the M2 Competition and the corresponding Competition variant of its big coupé brother, the M4.

The G-POWER M2 Competition is a 680 hp / 860 Nm strong small-caliber high-speed bullet at the M4 price

Investing this difference in G-POWER performance upgrades for the M2 Competition will get you a 680 hp/860 Nm small-caliber high-speed bullet that plays in the league of the supercars when it comes to driving dynamics. The G-POWER M2 Competition can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds and attains air-slicing speeds of more than 330 km/h.

G-POWER optimizes the standard turbochargers with larger compressor wheels for more boost

G-POWER has made extensive modifications to the M2 Competition turbochargers in order to provide the power boost. For example, the standard compressor wheel was replaced with a specimen developed by G-POWER and manufactured using CNC milling technology, and its diameter is significantly larger than in the OEM component. Furthermore, sophisticated precision machining has produced a vastly improved flow rate, which makes the G-POWER turbine wheel much more efficient than the series model. At the same time, it is also lighter, meaning that its moment of inertia is reduced, which results in optimal responsiveness. G-POWER has also modified the turbocharger exhaust side: Turbine blades with capped ends reduce the exhaust gas temperature, making it safe to use higher boost pressures. The efficiency of the turbochargers has been maximized thanks to a CNC-milled exhaust and compressor housing with enlarged inlets and outlets.

In order to reduce the exhaust back pressure and optimize the sound of the M2 Competition G-POWER is offering its very own flow-optimized downpipes and a G-POWER exhaust system made from high-grade stainless steel that roars far more forcefully through its two 90-mm twin tailpipes.

Individual programming of the Performance Software V4 on the in-house four-wheel dynamometer

Following the modifications to the engine and exhaust system, the G-POWER Performance Software V4 now takes on the role of the conductor, optimally coordinating the individual players in the hardware orchestra. It is individually programmed to the requirements of the base vehicle in G-POWER´s four-wheel chassis dynamometer. The electronics specialists at G-POWER like to take their time over this, and are only satisfied once the curve of the performance diagram matches with the advertised performance to deliver the best possible results. The maximum speed, capped at 250 km/h (270 km/h with M Driver´s Package), can be increased further by the experts at G-POWER.

G-POWER HURRICANE RR forged wheel - improved driving dynamics thanks to reduced unsprung masses

The driver of the G-POWER M2 Competition has full mastery over this newly acquired power thanks to the vehicle´s supreme handling, for which we have the company´s G2M RS coilovers to thank. These are best paired with the optional ultra-light G-POWER HURRICANE RR forged wheels, which again provide a noticeable lift to the driving dynamics thanks to the reduction in unsprung rotating masses. The HURRICANE RR double-spoke wheels available in various finishes come in 9x20" with 245/30R20 high-performance tires on the steering axle of the M2 Competition and in 10.5x20" with 285/25R20 rubber tires on the drive axle.

Further details concerning the G-POWER performance parts for the BMW M2 F87 are listed in our online shop.

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BMW M3 E9X V8: 500 hp - 720 hp supercharger power from 2.999.- €

Great prices - the success of the "35 years EDITIONS" makes it possible:

G-POWER starts the season with unbeatable prices for supercharger systems!

Anyone who drives a BMW M with a high-revving engine and speaks of real performance, means supercharger. And when they say supercharger, they mean G-POWER. And that´s no wonder, since for more than 35 years G-POWER has been the specialist for BMW and AMG tuning in general, chip tuning for almost every automobile and supercharging in particular.

The successful anniversary year 2018 has skyrocketed the unit sales

This was also noticeable in the anniversary year 2018, when G-POWER celebrated its 35th anniversary with, among other things, a "35 years EDITON" of the most popular supercharger systems. Thanks to huge demand, the overall limit of 1.000 sold systems for the BMW M3 V8 has been broken, with over 300 sold units alone in the anniversary year. The SK Plus RS supercharger system for the M54 engines in the BMW 3 Series E46 and Z4 E85 models, of which a total of more than 2.000 units have already been sold, is even more successful.

New, modern, larger company building creates space for cost-optimized series production

As an additional benefit of the anniversary year, the move to the new, almost 3.000 m² large company building has been completed. Naturally, it offers even more space for development and production of the G-POWER products. In combination with the increased number of units sold due to the great demand and optimized production processes in series production, as well as an even more efficient programming of the maps on the high-tech four-wheel dynamometer, our engineers have succeeded in significantly reducing the production costs. Our loyal customers and fans are now primarily benefiting from the results of this cost optimization, as we can now reduce the prices of our supercharger systems to the level of the extremely successful "35 years EDITION" from last year.

BMW 330i E46 / Z4 E85 3.0i:
New: more boost thanks to new pulley!
SK Plus RS Kompressorsystem – Oldie but Goldie
310 hp (228 kW)/ 360 Nm from 2.950.- €

BMW M3 E46 / Z4 M E85:
SK I supercharger system – makes awesome track tools
475 hp (349 kW)/ 460 Nm from 5.950.- €

BMW M3 V8 E9X:
New: ASA T1-520 supercharger - now even sportier
SK I supercharger system - vivid entry
501 hp (368 kW)/ 490 Nm from 2.999.- €

SK II supercharger system - Sports car format
580 hp (426 kW)/ 560 Nm from 4.999.- €

SK II S supercharger system – street rocket
610 hp (449 kW)/ 580 Nm from 5.999.- €

SK II CS supercharger system - racing feeling
640 hp (470 kW)/ 595 Nm from 7.999.- €

BMW M5 / M6 V10 E6X:
Finally available again!
SK I supercharger system – high-torque entry
640 hp (471 kW)/ 620 Nm from 9.950.- €

SK II supercharger system – the „little“ HURRICANE
700 hp (515 kW)/ 680 Nm from 12.950.- €

Configure your system now, fast and easy in our shop:

>> G-POWER online shop

There you´ll also find further performance parts for your model, such as Carbon parts, exhaust systems, coil-over suspensions and much more.

Rely on our competence from more than 35 years of engine development for BMW and M-Models and trust on proven supercharger systems, that have already convinced more than 3.000 satisfied customers.

Don`t be afraid of high mileage - engine revision at G-POWER - benefit from our expertise

Use the G-POWER expertise not only when installing your supercharger system, but also on request for the replacement of the connecting rod bearing (recommended from 70,000 km), or a complete engine overhaul (recommended from approx. 150,000 km). You are planning to install your compressor system yourself? Then we recommend the "Friends of G-POWER" Weekend - DIY assembly with instructions at G-POWER.

Decide now for a G-POWER supercharger system and pure adrenaline!

Supercharger systems from G-POWER are powerful, of high quality and provide pure adrenaline! Contact the G-POWER sales team today at +49 (0) 8252/909 86 26 / WhatsApp +49 160 36 10 601 or sales@g-power.com and get a non-binding quote for your BMW.

Special offer: Vmax for e.g. BMW M3 E9X or M5 / M6 E6X for only 300.- €; on demand also with rpm limit increase of 150 rpm for free. Further models on request.

You do not drive an BMW M3, but you are looking for a quick and easy way to improve performance: We are the absolute specialist in the field of chip tuning for (almost) all BMWs.

You are a dealer? We are happy to give you your individual conditions on request.





NEW! BMW M5 F90 carbon bonnet by G-POWER

Thanks to the VENTURI engine bay ventilation more cooling, more power!

Special offer for the first 5 orders: Carbon bonnet + Vmax + Chip tuning to 700 HP = just 7.495.- €

As part of the presentation of the new VENTURI bonnet for the BMW M5 F90, G-POWER offers an attractive introductory offer with approx. 800.- € price advantage for the first 5 orders:

Carbon bonnet + Vmax increase + Performance Software V1 for 700 HP now only 7.495.- Euro (plus installation and registration). A perfect combination of performance, G-POWER typical design and a true technical added value.

"DYNAMIC VENTING" technology provides added technical value

Technical added value with a bonnet? Is that possible? Of course! In addition to the reduction in weight due to the carbon material used, the G-POWER VENTURI bonnet offers even greater technical added value thanks to the used "DYNAMIC VENTING" technology: additional ventilation openings in the bonnet in the area of the vacuum zone and a specially shaped power dome.

Ventilation of the engine compartment by powerful Venturi effect supports the performance upgrade

These two features of the carbon hood developed by G-POWER in CAD ensure a powerful Venturi effect while driving. The vacuum boosted by the aerodynamic profile of the power dome literally sucks the hot air out of the engine compartment. As a result, the temperatures are reduced, which in turn benefits the performance.

How does it work? The key to this effect is based on the temperature monitoring of the engine. If the ambient temperature increases, the engine control unit uses maps with reduced power. Furthermore, the supplied air mass decreases in combination with less cooled charge-air.

The optimized ventilation of the engine compartment and the cooler packages of the engine by the G-POWER VENTURI bonnet helps to reduce this effect. It lowers the temperatures, allowing the engine control unit to always operate in more powerful operating conditions. A performance upgrade cannot be supported more efficiently.

G-POWER VENTURI bonnet for the sporty G-POWER look

Of course, the visual appearance of the G-POWER VENTURI bonnet on the BMW M5 F90 also fits this purpose. Now the power limousine from Munich looks even beefier and thus clearly shows: This is no standard M5 anymore! Other carbon accessories, such as the kidneys in the front grill, and the spoiler lip on the rear round off the sporty G-POWER look. But see for yourself: >> VIDEO

Matches the look perfectly - G-POWER forged wheels in 21`` incl. DIAMOND-CUT

Matching G-POWER forged wheels are mounted in 21`` incl. DIAMOND-CUT. In this version of the forged wheels made of ultra-light aircraft aluminum, the polished front of the rim underlines the slender double spoke design of the G-POWER wheels.

If you want to "sharpen" your BMW M5 F90 for the upcoming season, then opt now for our introductory offer: Carbon bonnet + Vmax increase + Performance Software V1 for 700 HP = now only 7.495.- € and thus secure yourself a price advantage of 800 Euros.

Please contact us directly on +49 (0) 8252/909 86 26 / WhatsApp +49 160 36 10 601 or sales@g-power.com and get a non-binding offer. But hurry up because this offer lasts only for the first 5 orders.

Further details concerning the G-POWER performance parts for the BMW M5 F90 are listed in our online shop.

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Chiptuning is more popular than ever: fast, efficient, no storage needed!

Start into the season 2019 with the professional chiptuning from G-POWER and be successful

Upgrade your business, find more customers! We look forward to you!

You are running a business and your target group consists of sporty BMW and AMG drivers? Like a service workshop for BMW or AM? And have always thought after a product in order to fully exploit the existing potential of your customers?

Now G-POWER offers you a unique opportunity to be more successful: Become a distributor for the G-POWER chiptuning program.

Low investment costs - instant success without programming skills

But don´t worry! Thanks to the innovative G-POWER chiptuning concept, you can start immediately with low investment costs and no programming skills, because the complete know-how to successfully and safe performance upgrade for your customer´s car is provided entirely from G-POWER.

Performance increase in 4 easy steps - fast, easy, safe

And this is how it works. You decide on the G-POWER "Dealer-Package", consisting of the G-Flash OBD Tool (G-Flash OPD Tool Master on request), the step-by-step manual and a G-POWER displays for your show room and you can start right away:

• Step 1: Download the original map on the customer vehicle via OBD
• Step 2: Send data to G-POWER by email
• Step 3: Get Performance Software from G-POWER
• Step 4: Apply G-POWER Performance Software to the customer vehicle via OBD

Use the sleeping potential in your customer base for your business success!

Easier, faster and more efficient, you cannot exploit the sleeping potential of your customer base. Contact the G-POWER sales team today at +49 (0) 8252/909 86 26 / WhatsApp +49 160 36 10 601 or sales@g-power.com and request a non-binding offer for your individual G-POWER "Dealer Package ".

That´s why chip tuning by G-POWER makes the difference:

• Over 35 years of tuning experience
• Numerous high-speed world records
• Spectacular project vehicles - e.g. the M6 HURRICANE
• Quality thanks to development according to QEM standards
• Optional warranty up to 3 years available
• Premium products appeal to premium customers
• Intensification of customer loyalty
• Unique feature over competition
• Attractive conditions for business customers
• Low investment costs with fast success
• Competent support through G-POWER

Further details concerning the G-POWER chip tuning program are listed in our online shop: www.g-power.com .

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FROM 3.850.- €


FROM 3.850.- €

G-POWER M3 V8 E9X supercharger system with 501 to 720 hp already from 3.850.- €!

One stage will fit your needs!

NEW! "Friends of G-POWER" Weekend - DIY installation with instructions at G-POWER

Though the marked is flooded with performance promises for the BMW M3 E9X, there is only one choice for true enthusiast: the well-engineered supercharger system from G-POWER! Because it provides superior performance in combination with instant throttle response and eager revving until red line. And that for almost every performance need and budget.

With 6 power levels up to 720 hp starting from € 3.850.- € G-POWER always provides the perfect solution for each individual customer need

With a total of 6 options to choose from – starting with the basic kit with 501 hp (368 kW) / 490 Nm for only 3.850.- € up to the all-in version, with 720 hp (529 kW) / 650 Nm starting from 14.875.- € – G-POWER always provides the perfect solution for each individual customer need:

>> CLICK NOW: SK I supercharger system – high-torque basic kit
501 hp (368 kW)/ 490 Nm from 3.850.- €

>> CLICK NOW: SK II supercharger system – for sports car drivers
580 hp (426 kW)/ 560 Nm from 5.850.- €

>> CLICK NOW: SK II S supercharger system – for racing feeling
610 hp (449 kW)/ 580 Nm from 6.850.- €

>> CLICK NOW: SK II CS supercharger system – the bestseller
640 hp (470 kW)/ 595 Nm from 8.750.- €

>> CLICK NOW: SK III RS supercharger system – for super sports car
680 hp (500 kW)/ 620 Nm from 12.950.- €

>> CLICK NOW: SK III RS supercharger system – the all-in version
720 hp (529 kW)/ 650 Nm from 14.875.- €

All G-POWER supercharger systems include more than 35 years of experience and high-quality OEM components

All variants of the G-POWER supercharger system include, in addition to the experience of more than 35 years of engine tuning, high-quality components at OEM level. Hence, all systems base in their core of an aluminum casting airbox incl. bypass system, a large-volume intercooler, all necessary small parts, just like the software for the engine control unit and last but not least an ASA T1 supercharger "made in Germany". A worldwide successful supercharger system with over 1.000 kits sold! Watch it now: >> VIDEO

G-POWER offers a guided DIY-installation for "Friends of G-POWER" - Register now!

You know your M3 inside-out and you can do more than just changing tires? You would like to install your G-POWER M3 supercharger system yourself, but you are missing the right tools and lift and who will help you if there are any problems with the installation?

Don´t worry, we can help you out! At the "Friends of G-POWER" Weekend, you have access to the extensive G-POWER equipment in the new headquarters and we will help you with our advice, if there are any questions during installation.

But that´s not all! On the first evening of the 2-day event, we will organize a steak dinner for you and the other participants in the evening and, of course, we will also provide comfortable accommodation. And the best, you save not only the installation costs of at least 1.150.- €, but will have great fun with like-minded people. Gasoline talks guaranteed! And all for just 295.- €! This is an event no real "petrolhead" will want to miss ...

The first "Friends of G-POWER" Weekend is planned from Friday to Saturday 05.04. / 06.04.2019. Registrations are now accepted under +49 8252/909 86 0, or info@g-power.com or WhatsApp: +49 160 36 10 601. Attention, only limited number of participants!

Spectacular performance increase - quality "made in Germany” – at the best price worldwide

You want a spectacular performance increase to up to 720 hp for your BMW M3 E9X and at the same time the best price worldwide for a supercharger system with the quality "made in Germany"? Then contact our competent team now and let us advise you without obligation which G-POWER supercharger system is the right one for you and your BMW M3.

Further details concerning the G-POWER supercharger systems for the BMW M3 E9X are listed in our online shop.
>> G-POWER online shop

Phone: 0049 8252 909 86 0 - WhatsApp: 0049 160 36 10 60 1 - MO to FR 08:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m. - 86565 PEUTENHAUSEN
Phone: 0049 8252 909 86 0 - WhatsApp: 0049 160 36 10 60 1 - MO to FR 08:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m. - 86565 PEUTENHAUSEN